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“For this return, we really questioned our future and the direction that we needed to head,” said Karam. “We all thought of this as our last time to show people who we are and the music that best represents us.”

“We have really been struggling emotionally as of late. Many of us had thoughts of whether or not this could be our last chance, our last time together,” Injun added. “This is one of the reasons why we spent a lot more time than normal on producing this new album.”

"DaeGukNamA goes ‘Rilla’ in last-ditch album," Korea Herald 141015 (via 100304)


woo taewoon: producer, songwriter, rapper, leader of speed.

poor taewoon :/

29-30 || ELECTRIC SHOCK ERA photos

most attractive member : kara - gyuri. asked by  .

vixx mvs + light/space

2 cool 4 skool era →  yoongi

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